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dark roast


The classic.

It's here, our roasted coffee for a unique espresso enjoyment with a solid body and a caramel finish.



Origin: Rwanda, Gihombo

Producer: Kivubelt Coffee

Washing station: Jarama CWS

Process: Fully washed, sun-dried

Coffee: Kamajumba

Variety: Red Bourbon

Importer: Somaho

Roasting: dark

Preparation: Fully automatic, piston, moka


* direct trade

* single origin

* beyond fair trade

* women owned



The beautiful Kamajumba peninsula with an area of approximately 22 hectares is located on the shores of Lake Kivu in the Gihombo sector in Rwanda. The height of the peninsula is 1550 to 1700 m above sea level. The coffee is picked by hand. Wet processing, sun drying on so-called African beds and storage takes place in Kivubelt's Coffee Washing Station (CWS) called Jarama. Three permanent employees and around 50 casual workers work in Kamajumba during the harvest season from March to June.


Roasting & taste

This dark roast is optimized for a full-bodied espresso in which the terroir-specific acids have been cleverly packaged. This means the coffee is round and balanced and is suitable from fully automatic machines to Moka. In terms of taste, the caramel and honey notes are in the foreground with fine notes of apricot and orange in the background.

ESPRESSO - dark roast

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