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light roast


The espresso with a note of adventure.

He is here, our roasted coffee for a unique espresso enjoyment with a note of ripe fruit, coated in balanced acidity and lovely sweetness.



Origin: Rwanda, Gihombo

Producer: Kivubelt Coffee

Washing station: Jarama CWS

Process: Natural

Coffee: Natural Jarama 259

Variety: Red Bourbon

Importer: Somaho

Roasting: bright

Preparation: Moka, piston, French press


* direct trade

* single origin

* beyond fair trade

* women owned



Only the best of our hand-picked coffee cherries are used for our Naturals. Natural differs from washed coffee in the processing process. This is considered the most traditional and oldest and is also called the drying process. The advantage is lower water consumption. The heaviest hand-picked cherries are spread out in thin layers directly on so-called African beds. After 5-6 hours the cherries are covered for 24 hours of fermentation. This is followed by drying for 3-4 weeks with regular turning of the beans. This is how our wonderful Natural is created.


Roasting & The taste

This rich specialty coffee was processed with a light roast. In addition to the notes of ripe fruit, the aromas of cocoa and caramel also come through beautifully. The whole thing is wrapped in a balanced acidity and lovely sweetness, the quality feature of a great coffee. We can recommend preparation on a piston machine or Moka.

ESPRESSO - light roast

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