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SOMAHO maintains an exclusive partnership with Kivubelt Coffee in Rwanda. With this long-term cooperation, we live sustainability and enable secure jobs, planning security and lived relationships.


Kivubelt Coffee was founded by Furaha Umwizeye Teuscher in 2011. Furaha grows specialty coffee on two peninsulas (Kamajumba and Nyaruzina) and another plantation (Jarama) in the immediate vicinity of Lake Kivu in the Nyamasheke district.

CWS Murundo

The Murundo Central Washing Station was built in 2008. It is the first CWS to be owned by Kivubelt Coffee. At 1708 meters above sea level, it is located in the hills of the Mahembe sector in Nyamasheke. The coffees washed here include Cyiya and People's Farm.

CWS Jarama

The Jarama coffee washing station was built by Kivubet Coffe and was completed in 2018. It was strategically built next to the Jarama plantation, which significantly shortens the transport routes from the Kamajumba, Nyaruzina and Jarama plantations.


Ikawa House does the quality control in Rwanda. All lots produced by Kivubet Coffee are cupped and evaluated. Their excellent work ensures quality and continuous improvement.

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